Monday, September 5, 2011


MINIATURE SIOUX CRADLE - This is an authentic and faithful miniature of a Sioux soft cradle from the early 1900s.  Completely sinew beaded on brain-tanned buckskin.  Cradle is fully lined with old cloth. All stitching except beadwork is hand-done with thread.   Total length is 6 1/2", including beaded tab.  Included is a Skookum baby (not shown) on its own cradleboard which is perfect in scale to the beaded soft cradle and fits perfectly inside.  All beadwork is intact.  Please contact us for more information and photos.
Item No. CB-4     $675.00      
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Saturday, September 3, 2011


CHEYENNE WAR SHIRT REPRODUCTION - This shirt has been accurately reproduced in the historic Cheyenne style, complete with pictorial battle scene and dragonflies.  It is based on an actual  original shirt. Leather is smoked braintanned buckskin.  Scalp locks are human hair, each wrapped at the top with porcupine quills.  The front of the shirt is shown, and the back is identical except it does not have painted artwork.  Please contact us for more information.
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silver, Turquoise & Coral INDIAN HEAD BUCKLE Item No. GS-401

WESTERN BUCKLE WITH TOMMY SINGER-STYLE INLAY:  4" x 3"  Chip Inlay with turquoise and coral.  Also has white and black inlay materials, possibly shell and jet.  There also is hand-stamping and rocker work.  In like-new condition.  Possible nickel silver, as it is not marked.  Please contact me for additional information.  To return to Web Site, click on "Continue Shopping" at top of page.


Saturday, July 30, 2011


These old commercial dolls (approx. 9" tall) were collected from a General Store in White Clay, Nebraska.  This is the closest town to the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Undoubtedly, these dolls were the first "ethnic" dolls that some Sioux children had to play with.

Note "Cheyenne, Wyo " on the back of the male doll.  For many years, Sioux and other Indians have appeared at the annual Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration, and I suspect that the dolls were purchased there by a Sioux family for their kids.

Dolls are leather and appear to be stuffed with some kind of animal (horse?) hair.  Details on the dolls are all hand-painted, and there is wear apparent on both dolls.  PLEASE CONTACT ME for more photos and any questions you might have.

$45.00/pair  SOLD

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photos: RPPC (Postcard) PSTCD-6

Item:  RPPC (Postcard)  PSTCD-6

Original postcard of Kiowa couple, Ahpeahtone & wife.  $40.00  Contact us for more info & photos.
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Beadwork: Tipi/Possibles Bags TP3a&b

Item:  Tipi/Possibles Bags  TP3a&b

Great old tipi bag pair, early 1900s.  Made from a pair of Sioux beaded cuffs.  Beadwork intact.  $1450.00  Contact us for more info & photos.

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Assorted Craftwork: Peyote Box & Accessories MISC-41

Item:  Peyote Box & Accessories MISC-41

Cedar box & Accessories collected in Oklahoma.  Comanche.  In excellent condition with tight fitting lid.  16”L x 4”W x 3 ½” H    Includes German silver waterbird pin and 2 peyote hardwood drumsticks.  $125.00  Contact us for more info & photos.
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